the first Furmint glass of the World.
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The Riedel company - „Rolls-Royce” - was made the first Furmint glass of the World.

They designed a glass which shows the characteristics of the wine and the grape and also the diverse soil of Tokaj.

After designing more than 50 different test glasses in a long period the Furmint glass was born.

The feeling of aromas and taste of the grape variety can be much more intensive from the special Riedel glass.

The bowl is quite big comparing with the other white wine glasses. The width are smaller in the top of the bowl that's why the glass save the special Furmint aromas.

Riedel furmint pohár
Riedel furmint glass box

Georg Riedel: "This is a new thing that we had scientific researches with different dry Furmints for finding the best shape and size and I think the final version of the glass is surprisingly different than the usual glasswares. The forth of this glass that is also working very well with the different type of Furmints as the dry, semi sweet or sweet ones. In the beginning we was working with only dry Furmints and after - when we tried the shape with the sweeter style of that wine - we recognized that the glass is also fit with them. In general we say that our glass is an avocate or even a megaphone of the wine which helps to send their message to the people who taste them."


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Riedel furmint glass

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